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Beautiful Garden Design Landscaping in Dubai

On a hot summer day it is so pleasant to hide in the shadow of sprawling green trees. Decorative plants or a fruit garden next to the house is not only pleasing to view but creates a special and very comfortable microclimate. Here you can spend an evening with friends, enjoy the holidays with your family or make a big and loud party.

Garden Landscaping – Natural Beauty

The trees always give pleasant emotions, but you need to pay a lot of attention to them. No matter how many types of perennial plants are planted in your garden, each one of them requires a lot of work and attention. That is why garden care should be left to professionally trained experts.

The complex of technical measures, necessary for the trees, consists of the following works:

  • Development of the garden design project;
  • Planning and layout of the garden;
  • Application of mineral fertilizers (we take into account the pH of the soil and its composition);
  • Planting trees and shrubs;
  • Processing of plants by pesticides;
  • Pruning and crown formation;
  • Feeding and watering;
  • Weed control.

A comprehensive garden maintenance includes not only this list of mandatory events, but also various additional actions determined individually for each tree depending on its age and condition.

Benefits of Cooperation with Our Company

If you turn to our company for help, you get the following benefits:

  • We provide a guarantee on all garden maintenance services – which is very important!;
  • Our company provides fixed prices for the entire term of the contract;
  • You receive a clear schedule of works in the garden;
  • Garden maintenance is carried out by specialists with extensive experience;
  • We offer the opportunity to receive free consultations and expert advice of our specialists.

Whichever option you choose, it is important to understand that gardening is not a fad and waste of money. Competent and professional garden maintenance will help to save your garden, increase its beauty, and increase value of the property. The most important thing about this service is that it will give you and your family members an engaging contemplation of the beauty!

The specialists of “Beautiful Garden Dubai” will be happy to use their experience and knowledge in order to create a garden of your dream.

Each our staff member has repeatedly confirmed his\hers professional qualifications, successfully solving the most complex problems connected with garden care – the re-planning projects, protection of the orchard from diseases, creation of lawns and lawn care and dozens of others.