Beautiful Garden Lighting Services

A Proper lighting can enhance the beauty of your landscape. Without illumination, even a masterpiece can lose its splendor in the evening. Landscape lighting can be utilized for architectural, functional and decorative purposes. To create an elegant look which can emphasize the shape and attractiveness of every particular piece, architectural and decorative lighting are the perfect choice. To make your territory safe during night time, functional lighting is used. There are various other ways to illuminate your masterpiece. Beautiful Garden is an expert of garden lights, working in the field for several years. We can highlight special features,such as conversation areas, walkways, fountains, and more.

Landscape Illumination Projects

We are a leading service provider for landscape lighting in Dubai and all over the UAE. We have illuminated numerous commercial and residential projects. We can turn visions into reality through our innovative ideas. Browse through our gallery of gleam and glow and find beautifully crafted landscape lit up with amazing radiance.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting provides safety and security when sun goes down. It also requires a specific attention to check out that where the shadow will fall. It also creates a feeling of comfort for visitors and guests. Dar pockets may devise a sense of fear which can be eliminated by functional lighting. Varity of techniques can be used to enhance the majesty of your beautiful garden.

Types of Garden Lighting Services
  • Solar Bulb String Lights;
  • Each bulb installed in this solar powered set contains little LED lights, which provide cost-effective solution for a powerful glow at night.

  • Outdoor Wall Sconce Downlight
  • A Smooth, energy efficient and modernized scones can create a majesty around the walls of your landscape.

  • Outdoor Security Spotlight
  • With high beam reflecting the shadow of every movement, these lights are perfect for security purposes so you can see every person outside.

  • Planter Torch
  • It Installed in your plants, these are a great addition for outdoor setups and parties. It provides a stunning décor around your garden.

  • Post Lantern Set
  • Add a traditional touch to your commercial and residential garden by adding a post lantern standing tall around the area.

  • Outdoor Hanging Pendant
  • The grandeur of a garden can be enhanced by right kind of outdoor illumination. Give it a contemporary touch with pendant lighting.

  • Deck and Step Lights
  • It can make your pathways secure with step and deck lights which can gleam the walkways at night.

  • Rope Lighting
  • Little tinny fairies can make the whole area sparkle. Get various kind of rope lighting installed at your landscape to turn it into a fairyland.

  • Spike light
  • It creates a cheerful beam which will turn the nights into days. Install spike lights for security and safety purposes. Underwater light Fountain and swimming pool

The Process Of Garden Lighting Services.

Inspect then suggest the lights for the landscape after agreed quantity and quotation. Price start from 200 to 800 AED

01. Inspection of the Landscape

We send our team of experts who assess your landscape and find out the areas which should be lighten up.

02. Suggestions of the lights

We provide an extensive portfolio of designs and quality of lighting equipment which you can chose to install.

03. Quotation

After finalizing the structure and designs, we provide an affordable invoice to our prestigious clients.

04. Signs

Upon agreement, we sign a legal contract with our clients and without wasting a minute, we start working on the project to complete it within 2 weeks.