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Beautify Your Garden with Hand Watering Irrigation in Dubai

Hand Watering Irrigation

If you use the right equipment, the process of hand watering is not difficult or time-consuming as it seems. Instead, it can easily be done efficiently and quickly.

From hose trolleys and high-quality heavy duty hoses to spray guns and hand watering lances, Beautiful Garden stock an extensive range of hand watering irrigation equipment in Dubai. If you’re not sure that which equipment or product is right for your landscape, please call our experts and they will be happy to advise.

Benefits of Hand Watering

  • Minimum chance of over or under watering
  • Focused and tailored Watering
  • Keeps foliage dry
  • Fewer equipment required to maintain
  • Reduce the fungal disease chances

It can be beneficial as it let you tailor and create your watering process according to the needs and area of your lawn, resulting in better conditions for growing and productive harvests. It also reduces the chances of wasted water by staying more specific. If you are a gardening lover, this equipment of hand watering is perfect for you. It allows you to enjoy the beauty and spend time among your green and lavish plants. You can also easily spot any problems which can be resolved spontaneously and quickly.

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Flow Rate Determination For Your Watering Device

You need to know the specific flow rate in order to manage and decide that how long you should water your plants. This will help you in measuring that how much water you are consuming in a specific time.  

Steps to Solve Water Mystery

  • Turn off faucets, shower, dishwashers, shower and all the sources of running water in the house
  • Take a bucket of 5-gallon under your spigot
  • Quickly turn on your spigot ensuring that it is fully open
  • Using your device or hand watering system fill the bucket and start your timer to record the seconds it takes

Hand Watering

Calculate your flow rate:

  • (5 gallons/ number of seconds it takes to fill bucket) X 60 sec/ minute = GPM (gallons per minute)
  • Gallons Per Minute /60 sec / minute = GPS (gallons per second)

Avoid Overwatering with Our Hand Watering Equipment in Dubai

When hand watering:

  • See that water is absorbing or not into the soil
  •  move on to next plants if the water is running off and pooling up
  • When the soil absorb the water, come back to that particular plant

Know When to Water

  • Take a screwdriver around 8+ inches long and try to poke it into the soil of your lawn
  • If the soil is filled with high water content the screwdriver will pass easily
  • But it will be difficult to insert screwdriver if the soil is dry

If you are unable to poke it 6 inches, then it is the right time to water