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Best Swimming Pools In Dubai: The Basics

Before you go ahead and make a decision regarding how to part with a couple of thousand dollars at the least, take some time to read our useful guide, which covers all major issues you’d want to contemplate before “jumping in!”

Pool in a Private VillaSwimming Pool in DubaiConcrete Swimmig Pool

Types of Swimming Pool in Dubai

Pool Types

Apart from the private pool you’re going to get built in your front yard or near the porch, a number of other types exist, each with their unique set of attractions and possible downsides.Before you come to the conclusion your water leisure needs will only be served by opting to have one built for your house, familiarize yourself with these, since they might change your mind.

Public Pools

Well-known and quite popular in industrial countries, these are often part of a large athletic or leisure club seeking to provide fun services against a membership fee.While this amount will certainly appeal to those who want to make a better decision regarding where to spend their savings, the prime concern regarding their use is hygiene, especially in the light of how much urine gets released.

Natural Pools

The defining feature of these is their ecological compatibility, as natural bodies of water are used to create a swimming enclosure with a lighter flow of current.Plants within the enclosure help to ensure sanitation is up to the mark, and the water retains a flow for it to remain clean.For those with environmental concerns, this is perhaps the best option as it harnesses the power of nature for an enjoyable experience, doing away with the necessity of pumping gallons upon gallons of fresh water into a private pool.

Infinity Pools

Clearly, one of the best swimming pools in Dubai, these have come to be extremely coveted in recent times, as more and more luxury hotels add them as a defining feature. Their popularity soared also thanks to Facebook posts and Instagram, as the illusion of the body of water being endless, thus infinite, bewilders onlookers.

Swimming Pool in Dubai

What Will Swimming Pools Companies Help With?

A qualified construction professional can assist you in considering a number of things that will not only extend life, but also make sure the pool remains enjoyable for the longest time. Swimming pool companies in Dubai will consult with you on key issues to keep in mind as far as layout is concerned, including how to design the pool in a way that cuts down on maintenance costs.

To start off, you would probably want to find out whether any legal requirements for building exist. Once that is done, choose a construction material that best suits your needs (fiberglass is gaining immense popularity).

Then comes location. You probably want it to be placed as close to the house as possible, and laid out such that it gets enough sun and air. Still, while giving this a thought, know that using covers or an enclosed space will save you running costs, owing to decreased heating.

After major costs are figured into the budget, and you feel you want to dabble with a few additions or tweaks, talk to your company about lighting options and pool décor. 

Swimming Pool Contractors: The Building Process

Today’s pools are made either of concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl. Each material has its pros and cons, but the purpose of the following is to help you decide which to side with, based on the one that takes the cake as far as efficient utilization, savings, and ease of maintenance is concerned.

Enter fiberglass!

Clear Winner

This material has a plethora of advantages that will cater to your needs, whatever you’re looking for. Of course, there are going to be those rare times where the properties of a fiberglass pool are going to fall short of rising to the task, these are fairly limited, perhaps hardly amounting to more than one.

Con And A Half

The first limiting factor is lack of add-on options. Once you’ve decided on the shape, size and depth, you cannot go back. If you’re sold on the other merits, you better spend some time thinking about how your swimming needs may change in the future.

Although most people seeking a pool within their residence have a load of cash to spend, some users may have strict budgetary needs. Compared to the other materials, the building cost for fiberglass is significantly higher than concrete.To us, this qualifies only as half a con, and as swimming pool contractors in Dubai will tell you, once the lower maintenance and cleaning costs are figured in, the fiberglass pool actually saves you money!

Benefits: More Time In The Pool

Most of the merits that helped fiberglass spring to its treasured status have to do with the nature of the material itself. It is extremely strong and non-porous, both of which contribute to its longevity. The surface’s properties make it more resistant to dirt and algae, saving on the need for cleaning chemicals, thereby cutting maintenance time by more than half.While concrete pools are based on several tiles being stacked together on top of cement, a fiberglass pool is based on a shell of the material, which is processed in a facility.

This means once built, all that needs to be done is brought to your house and firmly put in place. This also gives you many design options versus the plain concrete assembly.

Swimming Pool Maintenance For A Long Life

Once the building is done, your main concern ought to be taking steps that will enhance the durability of your pool, making it useable well into several years after its construction. Follow these simply cleaning and regulating tips to keep the water safe and hygienic to swim in.


Use a net regularly to rid the pool surface of dirt, leaves and other impurities, and empty out internal nets (installed inside side panels) at least once a week.Vacuum the pool at least once every ten days to reduce the need for often using chemicals.Additionally, use a cleaning brush for the walls of the pools, where algae love to camp and grow.If you have a fiberglass pool, use a soft brush to gently run across the walls.


As part of your weekly or fortnightly maintenance routine, you’d want to take care of the filters as well.
Whatever the material, remember that these do not have to cleaned as regularly as possible, since a filter that is very mildly clogged traps impurities much better.A professional will help you figure out how to use the pressure gauge to ascertain when it is time to clean. 

Chemicals And Pollutants

Swimming pool maintenance in Dubai, where the weather is quite hot and humid, can be a painstaking process without experienced people to help.Any body of water is prone to numerous contaminating substances.You will notice this happening even with filled buckets in the bathroom, wherein the inner side becomes sticky, as water is left in without being replaced too long.
The same happens with pools, and sometimes it is necessary to use excess chlorine, for the pollutants that cause the odor we usually associate with chlorine smell, to be eliminated.