Leading Gazebo Design & Installer in Dubai

Gazebos can provide an extremely vibrant, appealing and functionality for your garden area. These structures produce shade, style, elegance, and additional space to entertain your family and friends. The idea of investing in a gazebo can add fun and purpose to your outdoor environment in a simple, cost effective way. Dubai is the perfect region to build gazebo to combat the intense heat and humidity. Beautiful Garden is experienced in delivering Custom Made Gazebos as per your requested design. Renovate your outdoor space into a dining, lounging, or barbeque area. Our teams of professionals are able to create bespoke design led gazebo units, in consideration of our clients and giving them a truly unique structure worth the investment.

Types of Gazebos
01. Roof Tiled

This provides an attractive look and function to your outdoor space. Alongside delivers quality shade for a sunny day and waterproof solution to enjoy your outdoors even on rainy days.

02. Mediterranean Design

The design offers a unique and breath-taking addition to your landscape. This features an innovative design, supported by stunning columns with elegance and efficient functionality.

03. Wooden Structures

These structures are crafted internally with precision and detail for the outstanding results. Our expert carpenters promise utmost care when in design and installation of the wooden gazebo. Wood is a classic structure that delivers an appealing look to your outdoor garden landscape.

Uses of Gazebos

Gazebo structures can give you highly functional additional space in your garden, without the stressful investment of building an extension. They are quick and easy to install and commission with minimal disruptions or issues for your family and friends around. Gazebos have a huge variety of uses that includes:

  • Playrooms for children
  • Storage for outdoor furniture and toys
  • Undercover barbecue areas
  • Home offices
  • Home gyms
  • Shelter for a hot tu

However, the list goes on as you can customize your gazebo as per your desired taste and purpose. Regardless of the structure and size you want for your project, our design professionals will create a state of the art gazebo and enhance your outdoor.