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Elegant Drip Irrigation System Company

Irrigation is the technique in which you don't have to control the rate and flow of water for the plant, instead, it supplies a specific amount of water at regular intervals as per the agriculture requirements. It is an amazing discovery for large-scale crops, hydrating bad soil during limited rainfalls, and maintenance of landscapes in dry land. Installing it also provide several advantages such as prevention of weeds and plant diseases, conservation of time and water, preservation of soil structure and crucial nutrients. Beautiful Garden is a renowned irrigation company helping the clients in Dubai and all over the UAE.

Drip Irrigation System Projects

We believe that innovation can bring peace of mind. We have created many landscape projects and integrated irrigation systems in Dubai and all over the UAE. From large scale to small scale, we are able to protect your landscape along with all type of decorative plants.  Browse through our gallery of success to find out the impeccable results.  

Types of Irrigation System

  • Surface Irrigation

It is the most common type of irrigation utilized in the UAE. The water is distributed by gravity all over the soil in designated intervals.

  • Localized Irrigation:

To minimize loss of water in Dubai landscapes, we have installed localized irrigation system which supplies water directly to the piece of land where the plant is growing.

  • Drip Irrigation

It is used for root watering of large plants (trees, shrubs), group plantings and flower beds. It also can be used for the rose plants.

  • Sprinkler irrigation:

It is recommended for watering of the lawn and vegetation with a maximum height of 30-40 cm. The presence of shrubs, hedges, and other elements increase the number of sprinklers.

  • Center Pivot Irrigation:

It is a type of circle irrigation in which equipment keeps rotating around a pivot and land is watered through tiny sprinkles ejected.

  • Sub Irrigation:

It is a seepage method in which water is supplied from the plant root zone below the surface of the soil and absorbed upwards.

If gardening is your hobby, we can provide you nozzles, hoses, and sprinkles so that you can spend time watering your plants in your beautiful landscape.


The Process of Installation Irrigation Systems

We are a renowned irrigation company in Dubai, providing high-quality services of installation at affordable rates which start from 2500 AED to 4000 AED. We take merely 2 weeks to complete the project. Our process includes

Land Inspection for Irrigation

Our team of expert will inspect your land to figure out the requirement of a station. We also provide consultation to our clients about the perfect system for their landscape.

Irrigation Water Tank

After the assessment, we suggest the place where you should install your water tank and the number of units required for sufficient watering.


After discussion and approval, we will send you an affordable invoice.


Upon agreement, we sign a contract with our client and start working immediately to complete the project within 2 weeks of time frame.

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